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Producer Profile – Ferraton Père et Fils

Photo credit: Ferraton Père & Fils (Saint Joseph vineyards) The French have a wonderful word for describing certain wines: digeste. I have never been able to find an adequate counterpart in English. The literal translation is digestable which, one would…

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When I tell people that I work in the wine industry, I invariably get a lot amused comments. The general assumption is that the job entails sitting around, drinking all day. Sadly, this is usually not the case. I mean,…

Dentelles de Montmirail


Photo credit: Gabriel Meffre Hi folks. Here is the second installment in the “Throwback Thursdays” republication of my 2010 Rhône Canuck blog. This brief post details my move from Burgundy to the Rhône Valley. Enjoy! So here I am…

Jacky Blisson in Beaune

My Father’s Daughter

I have decided to partake in few throwback Thursdays this fall, and republish excerpts from the blog I wrote in 2010 while living in France. I called myself “The Rhône Canuck” and shared my musings as a Canadian wine lover living and working in…

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Photo credits: The story of Sherry is an incredibly fascinating one. The rich history of the region, the diversity of styles, and the complexity of the vinification process make these wines a truly exceptional tasting experience. So why isn’t…

Jacky Blisson

A Partial Pass! The Long Road to MW

As many of you know, I have been toiling away for the past two years, working towards a Masters of Wine (MW). For those unfamiliar with this qualification, the MW is among the highest levels of scholastic achievement in the…

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Breaking out of the wine rut

Photo credit: Bernard-Massard It is easy to get stuck in a wine rut. We know what we like and the temptation is to just pick up more of the same, reliable labels…the same way we always buy Coca Cola or…

Pousse dOr Volnay and cheese

Salt, pepper & Pinot Noir

Photos: Claude Rigoulet In my previous life as a winery sales manager I used to do lots of in-store tastings. They required a lot of standing around, and serving wine in terrible conditions…too warm, in awful little plastic cups, in overly…

Photo credit: IVSO / P. Poupart
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The Mighty South West

Photo credit: IVSO/ P. Poupart From a Canadian’s perspective, France is a small country. 15 times smaller to be specific. A mere blip on the world map. Yet in terms of wine output, France is enormous. Not only in terms…

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Veneto Travel Diaries Part 5 – Valpolicella 101

Valpolicella…land of wine, charm and tradition. So proclaims the Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella, responsable for the marketing and promotion of the region. And they are not wrong. Those three descriptors aptly sum up what awaits you when you arrive…